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  1. Hello
    I was born in Port Hueneme in 1950 and went straight to my aunt and uncle’s house, that old run down shack that was on Willow I almost grew up in Ojai my Uncle Jake Good owned either the railroad depot or the property it was on, also the property the Edison Sub Station is on on Willow. He was a real Cowboy and Ojai was a Cow Town. My uncle used to take us to Rancho Cola before Lake Casitas was built and then he worked on the project. I remember hay rides ( real ones with horses ) and barn dances. I recently got some old super 8 color movies my cousin had put on DVD’s if you would like to scan through them. If You Know Alan Thornhill he’s my best Bud

    Eddie Hoag

  2. Eddie:

    I was born in 1951. I’ve lived in the Ojai Valley my entire life. I can barely remember going to Rancho Cola (AKA: Deep Cat Lake) when I was a small boy in the mid-50’s. My father (Harold Clyde Mashburn/Deceased) and his sister (Betty Jean Mashburn Loomis) would waterski on that little lake while I watched them from shore. I can remember them skiing around a tall, round tank (maybe for water) that was out in the middle of the lake. Deep Cat Lake, eventually, merged with Lake Casitas as Lake Casitas filled, and the tank was submerged. My nephew (Parker Drew Marquez) frequently fishes the lake. The water in the lake is low and getting lower due to the present drought we’re experiencing. Recently, Parker told me that the tank that was in the middle of Deep Cat Lake is becoming exposed. As one drives on Highway 150 from Ojai towards Carpenteria they will pass the entrance to Lake Casitas and, a few miles down the highway on the right, is a United States Forest Service station. About a mile before the station, if one looks to the left, they should might see the tank. This will give you an idea where Deep Cat Lake on Rancho Cola was once located.

    I don’t recall this, but my mother (Margaret Arlou Mashburn/Deceased) told me this happened to me when I was a small boy. There was a small store or snack bar near Deep Cat Lake. This building had a front porch on it where a pet monkey was chained. One of the times, when my parents stopped at this store/snack bar, the monkey jumped down off the porch and bit me on an arm. Now, that’s what I call “monkey business”!

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