Recreational Facilities

The following article was in the “Ojai Valley – California” brochure in about April of 1958. It was published by the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce. The author is unknown. Recreational Facilities One of the outstanding highlights of the year is the annual Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament, sponsored by the Ojai Valley Tennis Association. Housing […]


This story came from W. W. Bristol’s book, “THE STORY OF THE OJAI VALLEY” which was published in 1946. It is assumed Bristol is the author of the story. SINGULAR CHARACTERS BY W. W. Bristol Among the early settlers in the valley were many singular characters. Of these John Montgomery wrote very entertainingly. There was […]

The Duke Comes to Ojai

The Duke Comes to Ojai Written and compiled from various sources by Tony Thacher. On a dry and dusty afternoon in late October of 1922 this unlikely pair were captured on film standing near the top of the alluvial fan emanating from Horn Canyon in the northeast corner of the Ojai Valley. Sherman Day Thacher, […]


The following article is from the book “Portrait of a Community –– Ojai: Yesterdays and Todays” by Ellen Malino James.  It is reprinted here with the permission of the publisher, Ojai Valley News. THE SPANISH SETTLERS By Ellen Malino James For services performed in the Buenaventura Mission, Fernando Tico obtained Rancho Ojay in 1837 as […]


The following story is from Walter W. Bristol’s 1946 book, “THE STORY OF THE OJAI VALLEY”. Therefore, it is assumed that Bristol is the author. THE THACHER SCHOOL By Walter W. Bristol This famous school began in 1889 under the direction of Sherman D. Thacher. The location of the school is fortunate—far enough from the […]


The following story was printed in the book “Portrait of a Community (Ojai – Yesterdays and Todays)” by Ellen Malino James in 1984. It is reprinted here with the permission of  publisher Ojai Valley News. WHAT’S NEW DOWNTOWN [in 1984]? By Ellen Malino James When Edward Drummond Libbey started the Arcade in 1917, he agreed to […]


The following story is from Walter Bristol’s 1946 book, “THE STORY OF THE OJAI VALLEY.” It is assumed that Walter Bristol is the author. PUBLIC SECONDARY In 1909 a Union High School District was formed. The first trustees were Sherman D. Thacher, Joseph Hobart, Dr. B. L. Saeger, F. H. Sheldon and F. P. Barrows. […]

Matilija Hot Springs has Colorful History

This article was first published in the Ojai Valley News on October 22, 1994. It is used here with their permission.  MATILIJA HOT SPRINGS HAS COLORFUL HISTORY By David Mason “Matilija Hot Springs has had its grand opening for another season. The resort features a first class dining room, hot sulfur baths, medicinal waters, no […]


This article was run in VOL. IV (circa 1953-1954) of “’round the clock” published by R. W. Bressler. It is assumed R. W. Bressler is the article’s author. EL RANCHO COLA El Rancho Cola Country Club – garden spot of California: Nature has been generous in fashioning the rolling terrain of our 2,075 acres dotted […]