Ojai Artists: Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann is among the Ojai Studio Artists participating in this year’s OSA group exhibit at the Ojai Valley Museum. In conjunction with the exhibit, we present Ojai Quarterly arts columnist Anca Colbert’s piece on Mann, which ran in the OQ’s Spring 2015 issue: Drawn to Drawing(s): Anca Colbert on Jeff Mann

Ojai People: Mark Frost, Storyteller

Mark Frost is the co-creator of “Twin Peaks,” with David Lynch. On May 15, he shared his own story in a Town Talk interview with Mark Lewis at the Ojai Valley Museum. Lewis’s story about Frost originally appeared in The Ojai Quarterly’s Spring 2016 issue:    The Storyteller Ojai writer Mark Frost is working with […]

Mason Chronicles (4)

The Mason Chronicles (4) Posted by T. Drew Mashburn on May 13, 2106 Pierpont Hotel one of Ojai’s finest Buildings by David Mason “In 1892, the Overlook, three and one-half miles up the valley, became a resort for tourists. It commands a splendid view of the entire lower valley, and accommodates about fifty guests. The […]

The Mason Chronicles (3)

Ojai Water: Water has always been the center of life in Ojai and surrounding areas By David Mason “In 1825 the San Buenaventura Mission owned 37,000 head of cattle, 600 head of horses, 200 yoke of working oxen, 500 mules, 30,000 sheep, 200 goats, $25,000 in silver and gold coin and no hogs.” — The […]

The Mason Chronicles (2)

The San Antonio School By David Mason “Amid much rejoicing, San Antonio’s new school building was formally presented to the district last Friday night. The whole community has been watching with interest the erection of this attractive structure, which makes of the San Antonio corner another beauty spot for our valley.” – The Ojai, April […]

Ojai People: Sergio Aragones

Ojai’s Cartoonist in Residence By Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr. To look at him, you might think he’s just another guy loafing around an Ojai coffee shop, staring into space. But if you could peer inside his head, you’d see that he’s hard at work. Sergio Aragones is a cartoonist. That chortling you hear as he […]

Art Town: How OSA Put Ojai On The Map

By Mark Lewis (A somewhat shorter version of this essay originally appeared in “OSA: 3 Decades,” a book published in 2013 by the Ojai Studio Artists. Republished with permission.) Ojai has always prided itself on being a mecca for artists. But up until 1984, the truth was far less impressive. People who came to town expecting […]

The Mason Chronicles (1)

Ojai Was The “Journey’s End” For The Gorham Family By David Mason “Plans are completed and the contract let to A. Pefley for the construction of a unique and attractive foothills residence. H.M. Gorham, a banker of Santa Monica, will occupy the new villa, to be constructed entirely of cobble stones and moss-be-whiskered rocks, with […]

Focus on Photography: Going Behind the Portraits

In conjunction with the museum’s current exhibit, “Fine Portraits, Fine People,” we present Anca Colbert’s recent Ojai Quarterly essay on the art of photographic portraits, which focuses on Ojai’s own Guy Webster. A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. – Charles Baudelaire, 1859   By Anca Colbert […]