A Serene Space for Experiencing Art

This article by Anca Colbert was originally published in the Ojai Valley Guide Magazine – Summer 2019 issue. Colbert is an art adviser, curator, writer, and long-time resident of Ojai. It is published here with Colbert’s permission.  ©2019 Anca Colbert – All Rights Reserved. 

People walking into canvas and paper are in for a surprise.

The approach is slow.

From the outside, one friend thought it was an art supply or a stationery store. Another, a framing shop. The name is simple and it can lead to various interpretations. Spelled in white lower-case letters on a square, grey sign, the name is clearly visible from the street.

Located on Montgomery Street a couple of blocks north of Ojai Avenue, this small California bungalow house looks renovated and appealing. Soft greys, white trims. Two large, square windows flank the entrance. A flagstone path carves its way through a sea of pea gravel, leading to the front door.

Read the rest of the story in Ojai Magazine. 

2 Replies to “A Serene Space for Experiencing Art”

  1. Wendy,

    As you are aware, I just returned from Paris and London. While there, my wife, son and I visited the Lourve, the Orsay and the National Gallery. I just finished reading Colbert’s fine article. Now, visiting “canvas and paper” is on my list!

    — Drew Mashburn

  2. Hello Drew,
    So glad you enjoyed my article! AND that you had a chance to visit these extraordinary museums on your trip to Europe.
    Now art life is on pause… but hopefully soon we will be able to experience art in person again.

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