This article was run in VOL. IV (circa 1953-1954) of “’round the clock” published by R. W. Bressler. It is assumed R. W. Bressler is the article’s author.


El Rancho Cola Country Club – garden spot of California: Nature has been generous in fashioning the rolling terrain of our 2,075 acres dotted with mammoth oaks, and backed by the majestic Chisamahoo Mountains of the Santa Ana range. Winding through this vast acreage, in the heart of the most healthful section of California, is Coyote Creek, recently dammed to form Deepcat Lake—amply stocked with trout which is the second largest man-made lake in Ventura County. Nestled in the Santa Ana Valley—twelve miles inland from Ventura, and six miles west of Ojai at Highway 150 and Dunshee Rd.—El Rancho Cola offers and eye-appealing picture seen from any angle. “Joyce Kilmer” trees, towering yet comfortable mountains, along with rolling hills similar to Kentucky’s “bid to fame,” lend a distinctive aura of enchantment, and form a perfect backdrop for the ranch settings. It is a mecca for those who revel in the natural beauty that ample water can bring to any Southern California acreage.

Deepcat Lake
Deepcat Lake

El Rancho Cola Country Club is designed for the entire family, providing fun and activities for all. Though open to the public at average going prices, the Membership Privileges discount these prices as much as 100%. The Yearly Sustaining Membership card at a cost of $15.00 could pay for itself during one weekend if you are entertaining a large family or friends.

El Rancho Cola Country Club Membership Privileges
El Rancho Cola Country Club Membership Privileges

Many improvements are now under way or in the planning stages, such as a swimming pool and 9 hole Golf Course and 56 Target Archery Range.

The El Rancho Cola Country Club is now open for dining, dancing, cocktails, bungalow rentals, trout fishing, boating, horse-back riding, Shetland ponies for the children, camping, picnicking, hayrides, year round fish ponds, etc.

An early morning trek
An early morning trek



Being only seventy two miles from Hollywood, makes it a comfortable drive and point of destination away from the smog and congestion of the big city into one of the most Healthful atmospheres in the world.

11 Replies to “EL RANCHO COLA”

  1. I am David Alison’s daughter and wold like to know more about Elizabeth Winthrop Cocoa Cola heiress and El Rancho Cola.

  2. I am Elizabeth Winship’s daughter, and met Adrienne when she and her brother Dave Jr. came to the ranch after my mother married David Alison.
    There was a large family reunion with east coast and west coast families getting together in the early 50s at El Rancho Cola.

  3. Adrienne, Priscilla:

    I don’t have any information about Elizabeth Winship, or is it “Winththrop”. Nor do I have any info about David Alison or Dave Jr. Any information that you might be able to provide would be sincerely appreciated by myself and the “Ojai Valley Museum”. It might interest you to know that due to the current drought in Ventura County, Deepcat Lake on the Rancho Cola became exposed a couple of years ago due to very low water levels at Lake Casitas which usually covers it. In fact, the earthen dam for Deepcat Lake could be seen. It was entirely intake until last winter’s storms which actually caused the small creek to erode a channel through it. My parents used to take me to Deepcat Lake in the early to mid-1950’s when I was a small boy. I can barely remember it.

    — T. Drew Mashburn (“Ojai Valley Museum” volunteer).

  4. Dear Mr. Mashubrn,
    I have not seen Priscilla for many years. It would be wonderful if we could see each other again. You have my email address. If you have Priscilla’s email I would be grateful if I could contact her.
    I was married for 57 years. My husband passed away March, 1 2015. My brother David Alison Jr. passed away a couple of years ago. His sons would love to know I contacted Priscilla. I would love to talk with her
    With care,
    Adrienne Alison my maiden name
    Adrienne Short my married name
    My address is 1705 Via Arriba
    Palos Verdes Estates, Ca.90274

  5. Mrs. Short,

    I just forwarded the email you sent to me to Priscilla. I told her that she now has your contact info should she have a desire to contact you. I certainly hope she does so.

    Best Regards,
    — T. Drew Mashburn

  6. Good Morning Mr. Mashburn,
    Thank you so much for sending Priscilla my email. We talked over an hour in a getting to know you again moment.
    Both of us were happy sharing our experiences at Lake Casitas/El Rancho Cola with my brother David & half brother Jay. The other kids including Priscilla were my step brothers and sisters. 65 years is a long time ago since we shared experiences at El Rancho Cola.
    Thank you for making it happen.
    Adrienne Short

  7. Adrienne and Priscilla,
    The museum has received an inquiry and maybe one of you can help. She wrote, “I have what appears to be a milk can with El Rancho Cola on it. Can you tell me if El Rancho Cola had their own dairy?”
    Thanks for your assistance,
    Wendy Barker, museum director

  8. Yes, El Rancho Cola had a dairy of their own on the property. My step sister Betty & I would drive to Ventura in the back of the darn cold pickup truck with 2 puppies to keep us warm and drop off the milk. Cannot remember the name of the place.

    Better late than never.

    Adrienne Short

  9. My father drove the milk semi to Santa Barbara where the milk was solid, he lost his job when he wrecked the milk truck ,I was in grade school in Ventura ,I had my own horse to ride as long as i kept the horse stalls clean. Great memories at El Rancho Cola

  10. My father talked fond memories of hanging out at Rancho Cola in deep cat. Water skiing behind a small five horsepower, outboard motor and fishing and just enjoying himself with his friends. He helped work on clearing brush and was later a ranger for lake Casitas.

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