LOOK BACK IN OJAI with Drew Mashburn

The following article first appeared in the Spring 2019 (VOLUME 37 NUMBER 1) issue of the “Ojai Valley Guide” magazine on pages 154 and 155. The magazine is published by the “Ojai Valley News”. The article is reprinted here with their permission.

Want to know what it smells like under the Jack Boyd Center?
Drew Mashburn knows!
Drew Mashburn

I admit it! I’m addicted to coffee. I mean real coffee. Strong and black!

Several years ago, my dear wife bought my favorite coffee mug at Rains Department Store. On it there is a black-and-white photo of downtown Ojai, looking west, when Ojai was called Nordhoff. The photo is mainly of the then-new Arcade. How do I know this? Because at the far left edge of the photo is the post office bell tower as it’s being built. It has scaffolding all around it and the domed top has yet to be added. So, the photo was most likely taken in late 1916 or early 1917 because construction was completed prior to the first Ojai Day that was held April 7, 1917.

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5 Replies to “LOOK BACK IN OJAI with Drew Mashburn”

  1. Ah Drew….great post.
    I remember standing by that old Bank’s columns. I was 4 and so were you
    I remember our old great town.
    Thanks so much for this posting of our old memories

    I also have purchased 2 different Ojai Mugs…. I keep my family supplied

  2. Mary Ellen (Mare):

    Thank you for the commenting on my article. You might want to go to “Postcard: Ojai State Bank, 1910” on OjaiHistory.com to view a photo and a little info about the bank you mentioned.

    — Drew

  3. Great article on Ojai’s days when you and I were kids. One of the happiest places on earth.

  4. I remember you stepping on the nail and going to Dr. James Nelson’s office so you could get your shot …. Glad it was you and not me !
    I have a picture of the post office tower under construction

  5. Mitch Mashburn,

    That nail went in deep too! When I stepped on it with my heel, it didn’t really hurt all that much. It felt warm going in. But, when I lifted my foot to see what was going on, the board (which the nail was driven through) lifted too. That FREAKED me OUT!!! I pulled it out, then sprinted home while thinking I might get lock-jaw! I got a tetanus shot, had a sore heel for a few days, but healed up okay.

    It would be terrific to see the picture you have of the post office tower under construction.

    — T. Drew Mashburn
    (“Ojai Valley Museum” volunteer)

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