Faria Home Now Cluff Vista Park

Faria Home on Ojai Avenue (1949)

The Faria property along Ojai Avenue is now the location of Cluff Vista Park. The Faria family patriarch, Manuel del Terra Faria, was a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores.  The family built their home in Ojai during the 1920s.  There was a main house and guest house at the back of the property along Rincon Street.  Mrs. Faria couldn’t stand the summer heat in Ojai, so the family moved to a beach house at what is now Faria Beach.  They rented their Ojai property to the Erburu family who lived there for many years.  Lawrence Erburu, a son, was killed in WWII and is memorialized on the WWII memorial next to the east pergola arch.  The other son, Robert, is a retired businessman who once served as President of the Times-Mirror Corporation.

Adamson’s Shell Service Station

Many older Ojai residents will remember when the Faria property was the location of Adamson’s Shell Service Station.  It was featured in the film, “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Today, it is Cluff-Vista Park, Ojai’s newest park.

Thanks to David Mason for the photo and information.




4 Replies to “Faria Home Now Cluff Vista Park”

  1. Nice historical work, Craig! I never knew the history of the land prior to Adamson Shell – I suppose I just thought it was always a Shell station. I appreciate the snow shot too – a rarity for Ojai surface streets.

    Rob B.

  2. And, I think that same Oak Tree still lives and grows at the lower end. I will have to pay attention next time I drive by. The snow, what a treat! Good story to share.

  3. I remember my parents getting gas there and paying 19.9 cents a gallon and 10 x’s the Blue Chip stamps! There were some small apartments behind the Faria home. My aunt Betty Jean (Mashburn) Loomis lived there when she was in her 20’s

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