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  1. We lived on E. Aliso Street in Ojai when I was a child. So, my parents did most of their grocery shopping in downtown Ojai. But, in the mid-1950’s the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile made a stop at the Foodway Market. Of course, this was a major event in the Ojai Valley in those days! My Mom drove my little brother (Mitch) and I over to Meiners Oaks for the big event. I recall the funny looking Weinermobile being backed into the small parking lot directly in front of the market and bunches of kids gathered around it hoping to get a Weiner-Whistle. I’m not sure if all the kids were given whistles, but Mitch and I each received one. “Little Oscar” was dressed in a primarily white uniform that looked somewhat like what chef’s wear. He was standing in an opening in the roof of the Weinermobile with another person next to him. Mitch still has his Weiner-Whistle. I don’t to my dismay!

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